Sunday, November 29, 2009

The agonies of running (My stupid brain!)

Ok, This may come as a shock but I'd like to be serious for a moment. I'm interested in hearing from other runners about the mental aspect of running. Admittedly, I find difficult to get out the door to run sometimes and my mind doesn't always help matters!

What got me thinking about this was Brendan Lunty`s guest column on Basil`s blog. Brendan mentioned how he loves to run:
- in the rain
- in the dark
- in the cold
- at the track
- in the city

There was more love going on than at a sixty`s hippy orgy!

Do not get me wrong, I do love running, just not how Brendan loves running. Am I alone?

So, my questions are these:

Do you find it easy to get out the door to do your training runs?

Do you experience mental ups and downs while you are on your training runs? During races?

Tell me the truth people! Tell me your experiences.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Style critique please

Just to let you know, tomorrow morning a transcript of a big interview I did will be made public after extensive editing. It`s big, baby! I will post a link in the morning.

To keep things interesting, here are a couple video`s of my "unique" running style for all to critique. They were shot at the Sinister 7 relay this past July. The second one has the entire relay team running in with me for the highly lucrative race win. I am a professional.....

Any opinions on my running style? Critical comments? Fans? Haters? Fencesitters?