Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Intact Edmonton Marathon and Half-Marathon

Sunday was quite a day! A little 21.1 K jaunt through Edmonton went pretty freakin` well for me and my friends.

I broke into the 1:16`s, which, I admit, has me quite pleased with myself. You never really know where you're at until you get out there and test yourself (my last couple of interval sessions had not gone so well and I was questioning myself).

But, this post isn't about me. The outstanding performance belongs to Michael McBeth who ran a 2:51 marathon. (No offense Brendan, I knew you were going to win because you're just sooo happy all the time!)

Other impressive finishes belong to:

-A.J. Rankel - running yet another blisteringly fast marathon... which is his way. His lovely wife, Christine, also ran a smokin' half herself!

-Basil - always making hyper-fast running seem easy, and normal. I think his secret is one from the Rankel playbook. It's the hat with the scars/history that go with it.

-Niall McGrath - laying down an impressive PB, and dropping me in the last couple of K`s like I was not trying hard enough.

-Greg Meiklejohn - again with an impressive PB. I am not sure how he does it. Perhaps a test for EPO or some other performance enhancer is in order......

-Jack Cook - with his back cooperating, has an excellent marathon and is spotted smiling afterward. All is good.

I must mention my brush with a couple of superstars from the west coast. Marilyn Arsenault and Katherine Moore graced Basil and me by sharing a short run together on the Saturday before the race. Both wonderful people who take the time to chat with the little people like myself (a great treat given that Basil barely talks to me....).

And now, it's time for beer. Anyone joining me?

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  1. What??? No "BACON" sandwich with that beer????