Sunday, September 13, 2009

Mountain biking stupidity and being a spectator at the Rotary Run

Where do I begin....

It`s been an interesting time since the Canadian Death Race.

I took fifteen days off to allow my ankle to return to a semi-normal state, with a gradual return to running. In no time, things were almost normal and I had resumed my speedwork. It was then that my good friend Shawn offered me an unbelievable deal on his DH mountain bike. I used to race motocross a long time ago and have a thing for bikes and dirt. Unfortunately, this combination tends to hurt me.

It`s a beautiful bike that I have lusted after for some time. Everything on it is upgraded and premium. And my mountain bike was, well, old. I had no choice really and handed over the cash.

I have been riding with Shawn for awhile and he is an expert. I am not. But, on my awesome new ride, maybe I could be...

We ride the extreme river valley trails in Fort Saskatchewan which are maintained by Shawn and the local club he rides with. To keep the story relatively short, I crash in exactly the same spot twice in two weeks. Over the bars both times. The first time we have a good laugh; not so much the second time. After I connect the ground, my beautiful new bike betrays me and slams into the back of my left leg. It hurts a lot. I manage to ride out, cursing my stupidity. Stupid brain, how did you get me into this!? Needless to say, this has put a damper on my running. I also leave on a Far East holiday in mere days, not returning until November (Cheryl is not impressed and I'm not getting a lot of sympathy on the home front...).

This is why I was only a spectator at the Rotary Run in Stony Plain this morning.

Life is a contradiction; I hate watching other people run, but I like it too. They are hurting and I am drinking coffee whilst criticizing their form, speed, clothing, hairstyle, social status, and choice of friends.

As usual, Team Fasttrax crushed the competition in the "looking smart category" and the "running category". Kurt and Brian in the 10K, Jonathan (Mr. Jon Than when in Stony Plain), and Greg run with ease...

It is at this point I should mention my friends A.J., Stephen, and David. A.J. and Stephen are preparing for Fall marathons, and David is just continuing his habit of running fast races. A.J. runs pretty well, even with his recent mixmaster injury. Always the optimist, he makes efficient use his tensor bandage by turning it into a straw holder. (see appropriate photo now)

I was drinking coffee at a pace no one else could even remotely approach. In your face, Grandma! (I sincerely apologize to all grandmothers, past and present for this comment.)

That`s all for now. Check out the photos.

Thoughts inside my head: I wonder if Jack is regretting putting me on the team and having a blog on his website after reading all my wacko posts! But then, nobody is reading this..


  1. Hello. My name is Stefan and I am a man. After I got back from watching the geese in Hawrelak Park, I am reading your blog. It's a very nice one. I need to go now as I have some beans cooking on the stove.

  2. Wow. What a blog. It's better than a Captain's blog because I don't have to try and figure out what day the stardate actually is. It's way better than a yule blog because you can use it year-round. And way, way better than a rotting blog because it's not full of wasps.