Monday, September 28, 2009

Slow Boat to China

I am four days into a Pacific crossing to Japan and my running is going really well; I think my left leg and ankle are finally at about 85 percent.

I have never run in near gale force winds...until yesterday. I truly feared I would be blown off the deck never to be seen again! (See Photo - Cheryl had trouble standing to take the picture.) For the last few days, I've been running on a postage-stamp sized track on the top deck that takes 45 seconds to circle. You may ask, "Why are you running in little circles, Mark, especially since there is a beautiful and wonderfully long lower deck?" Well, because there are signs everywhere saying, "JOGGING IS NOT PERMITTED ON THE LOWER DECK". I do not understand this. Jogging died off at the end of the seventies, did it not? And I run sans terrycloth head and wrist bands. (Hey Jack, can you get me some of those? They could come back.)

Maybe my "jogging" could frighten some of the older passengers. I am already getting looks that say, "That punk is obviously up to no good. Let`s get him when he comes around again..... What were we talking about?..."

Some observations about life on the ship:

When a ship is really rolling, the treadmill takes a lot of skill. Do not bother setting the incline since it already feels like you're running up and down big hills. When the swells are at 12 feet, it's like like running on a roller coaster.
I estimate the average age on board to be at least 65. In the fitness center, they all are wearing New Balance shoes. I am a "mature" runner. Jack has put me in New Balance shoes. Hmnnnnnn........

I am liking this day-to-day routine. I have a toasted bagel, fruit, freshly squeezed orange juice, and coffee delivered to my room at 6:30, and am running at 7:30. By 9, I am at the thermal spa. Then, around 10, it`s breakfast, which consists of bacon, bacon, and more bacon. The rest of the day is a combination of yoga, napping, reading, and more eating. At 8pm it's time for dinner - a four course gourmet masterpiece paired with fabulous wine. This routine will continue until next Sunday when we arrive at Hakodate, Japan...and I will weigh in at around 350 pounds.

BTW - Since my running partner, Jon, posts pictures of his Whippets, I can post a picture of my Blue Point Siamese, Eva, with her new friend courtesy of Jon's wife Liz.

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  1. That "ship" looks no better than a BC guys really cheaped out, hey?

    Time to resurrect the jogging vs. running argument? Get down to the lower deck...

    Life sounds really tough right now - how are you managing to resist all of the eye candy?