Friday, October 2, 2009

Making the best of an imperfect running situation

I`ve been at sea for seven days and it`s been a pretty rough crossing so far. Gale force winds across the deck and twelve foot waves don't make for ideal running conditions so, with the exception of a couple of days, I've had to take my workouts indoors. Most runners I know have a hate-hate relationship with the dreaded treadmill. Surprisingly though, my running is going pretty good; I am getting in my long runs, easy runs, and interval workouts. Not surprisingly though, I am the only one on the ship doing any of this. Everyone else is 75 years old, and if they are on a treadmill, they're walking in jeans and dress shirts. They clearly do not know what to make of me. I amuse them, I think. A form of unpaid entertainment.....

As I mentioned in my last post, I have to run on a small deck on the top of the ship. There is a wonderful deck down below that circles the entire ship, but I am forbidden from using it. Check out the damn serious warning in the photo. On a more serious note, it is always important to hydrate, even at sea (see photo).

My next entry will in just over a week. It appears the Japan Ministry of Communications doesn't allow foreign ships to use Internet while in Japanese waters. Interesting...


  1. Surely you must have explained to the "no jogging" people that you are in fact "running", and that the two are entirely different things. But I'll bet the signmaker is one of those old dudes on the treadmill beside you, wearing the jeans and the dress shirt(short-sleeved, mind you). And what are you doing posting things at 6 a.m.? You are on holidays! Or is that our time? Talk to you after the Japanese lift their internet ban.

  2. You're in Japan? I like the girls there...

    Is that a mojito that you have? I like those. I drink your mojito, I drink it up.

    And now I can hear banjoes.