Monday, October 12, 2009

The Japanese think I run funny

Well, it`s been a while since I`ve posted and a lot has happened.

Friends have run marathon`s all over the world and I have been running my way around a typhoon in the far-east.
My running is going really well. I thought I was going to get really lazy and just gain weight. I was half right! I am actually running really consistently and since we left Vancouver September 23rd, I have only taken two days off. It`s really great when you can run and then relax afterwards and nap, etc. Not possible when I am workin for the man.

It`s interesting. I have run in three different Japanese cities and I have noticed something. They seem to run like the famous female Japanese who runs with minimal or non-existent arm swing. It`s strange to see, I must say. And I run by swinging my arms like a bad baseball player swinging away at thin air. (That was me as a kid)

Also, relating to Basil`s post about antique shoes, check out these twenty year old Saucony`s I spotted. I should have bought them off the guy! (I took the photo without his knowledge, was that stealing?)

Tomorrow I am in South Korea. I wonder if I might get shot while I am running? Or taken prisoner by the crazy North Korean dictator? If I do, will the two people besides my wife write letters on my behalf to have me released?

Thanks in advance.


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  1. Mark, We miiss you on the boat, you been gone long time and we not sure what to do anymore. We miss your fairy running around the deck. The way you swing your arms like you are batting away butterflys is strange yet so pretty, We hope you come back and join us once again for more deck shuffleboard and plenty of games of bridge. Your sweet lady servant that is travelling with you should come back too. She very pretty but Stafan says not as pretty as you. So long my friend. We miss you long time already.